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“I have been using Filter Services for 8 years at my business.  I love that I never have to call them to remind them about maintaining my filter needs. One time they noticed something that didn’t seem right on one of my units, and advised me to service it.  I saved on a really expensive repair by calling before it actually malfunctioned.  If you like chasing down maintenance people, and always having to call them to service you, then Filter Services is definitely NOT for you!  If you like the people who service your business to be reliable, and always accountable, and come out like clockwork and save you time and money, then Filter Services is the company you should use!"

Savanah C. / Integrite Salon

Make Improving Air Quality Worry-Free

Let us show you how regular replacement can be  easy and hassle free

Your Local Reliable Service Provider.

Now Serving the Kansas City Metro & Surrounding Areas:

Kansas City's Trusted Service Provider

Established in 1996, we provide quality, reliable air filter replacement services to retailers, offices, restaurants, schools, grocery stores, hair salons, medical facilities, and more throughout the greater Kansas City metro area, Lawrence, Topeka, St. Joseph, Warrensburg, and other outlying areas.


As a proven regional leader in air filtration systems, we take our role seriously in ensuring your indoor air environment is served by the best products, services, and the most knowledgeable staff.

We specialize in providing efficiency in preventative maintenance. Our goal is to provide superior products and services in the most efficient means possible, and assisting our clients in not only improving cost margins  but also HVAC systems, and overall quality of life.

Medical Facilities
Government Buildings
Retirement Communities
& more
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